Picasso App Not Working | Top 5 Reason and How to Fix issues?

picasso app not working

Hello friends! Welcome to our website, where we will discuss the Picasso app. Picasso is a video streaming app. In this app, you can watch and download movies without paying a single rupee because it’s free of cost. This app got millions of downloads within 2 to 3 months. Sometimes, you may face some errors like app loading issues and freezing issues in this app. 
People want to find reasons for these errors and want to know how to solve them. However, today, we will tell you in this article why the Picasso app is not working. I will discuss some issues and then also provide you with solutions to fixing these issues. So, you will know the common problems and their fixation. Therefore, users can open their apps without any issues.

What is the Picasso App?

Picasso is a live-streaming app that only runs and opens on Android and PC devices. This fantastic app lets users watch and download any serials, OTT shows, new series, and movies anytime without paying money. Furthermore, this app offers users thousands of free and paid channels and films throughout many categories. Moreover, you can also enjoy live cricket matches or many other matches.

Why is the Picasso App Not working?

Sometimes, the Picasso app does not open and work, and there are many reasons for not performing the app. However, such errors also appear in the pop-up form on the phone display while watching movies, matches, and live streams. These errors stop the live sessions of the OTT show and others.

picasso app not working

Reasons for this problem

  • Server Issue
  • Slow internet connection
  • Not update versions using
picasso not working
picasso not working error

Common Problems and Solutions of Picasso App

Picasso app needs to be fixed if a pop-up comes on the display, and many users need help with this. But you don’t need to take it over your head. It’s a standard problem, and here, you will know the four common issues and their solutions in a step-by-step instruction. So you can uniquely resolve this issue.

1- Poor Internet Connection

A bad internet connection can cause the Picasso app not to work and cause disturbance while watching the live sessions. Furthermore, internet speed needs to be improved in some regions to load films, OTT, and live shows, which irritates the watchers. But don’t be upset, and you can set this issue.


Check your internet connection before watching live streams or movies on the Picasso app. However, ensure it is better, especially reviewing the connection when you are getting more than 400Kb/s. Attending online sessions requires good and tons of data.

2- Device Compatibility

Device compatibility is one of the reasons the Picasso app does not work. However, this app is for only Android and PC gadgets. Additionally, it does not work on IOS devices even though IOS does not permit its users to use this type of APK on their gadgets, which may cause problems in their devices and damage the user’s security.


Users need to run this app on updated Android and PC gadgets. So, the updated versions fix bugs and enhance performance. Moreover, users don’t run Picasso on IOS devices to enjoy live streams.

3- App Crashing

The app crashing is also the reason behind the Picasso App not working. Generally, an app crashing problem happens when you try to run the app or watch a loading series, and suddenly, the Picasso app does not work on the screen. App crashing may occur due to the low memory of your phone’s old version.


If an app crashes, you have to wait a few times or hours and then open it again. However, when you wait some time, the app launcher will automatically set the error and correct it.

4- Old Version

The old version of Picasso also causes a problem in its working, and it may stop while watching the match or series. So, if you want to enjoy the game and online series smoothly, fix this issue.


To update the Picasso app, go to its website, download its most updated version, and uninstall the outdated version from your phone.

Why are we providing the Picasso App if it is illegal?

On our website, you will see only informational and proper content. So, be calm about the correct range. Furthermore, our site has no affiliation with the Picasso app, and we do not have patent content such as series, OTT shows, and films. However, we thoroughly follow the rules and regulations planned by the Indian government.

On the other hand, our website does not spread any information and content that is not based on its rules. However, this site is designed for educational and informational content purposes.


In this article, I have discussed some reasons and solutions for the Picasso App not working. I hope now every user can quickly fix their app errors with the help of this article. Furthermore, if you still need help solving the app problem, please tell me in the comment, and I will try my best to solve your difficulty.


The Picasso program is safe and secure for your Android and PC devices. However, it can’t access users’ personal information on their devices.

Yes, It is restricted in some nations.

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