What is the New Website of Picasso – Unveiling the Truth

picasso app new website

Do you want to know about the new website and the reason Google banned Picasso Website? Then you’re at the tight corner. As we all know, Google suddenly blocked the Picasso app’s streaming services due to violating Google rules and regulations and involvement in the piracy of copyrighted content. As a result, its official website disappeared from SERP. Although its audiences are shocked, numerous questions come to their minds.

This article is for you if you also have many queries about its varnished from SERP. However, in this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the reasons why Google banned the Picasso website, its new website, and verified ways to download and use it on PC and Android devices. So, stay with us to solve your queries. Keep reading the article!

Why Google Banned Picasso Website: A Comprehensive Guide

In the last few years, many individuals have searched for streaming applications on the internet due to their easy-to-use interface, convenience, and cost-effective services. Furthermore, approximately two billion individuals worldwide took internet content with the help of streaming tools. However, Google Play Store is the best platform for all app developers, where they exhibit, promote, and gather clients for their service. Besides, sometimes the Play Store rejects some apps for a few reasons. As a result, its rejected applications never reach a sizable audience.

The Google Play Store has created rules and regulations for the apps and game developers. Therefore, if a developer wants their created apps and games to be available for download on the Play Store, their creations must pass the Play Store examinations and filtration parameters. Therefore, audience data and privacy protection are Google’s foremost priorities. Hence, many apps and games are removed from it for disobeying Play Store rules and regulations.

About Picasso App

If we discuss the Picasso application, it was first available on this platform. The fantastic news was that almost two million downloads were recorded in the first six months. Moreover, the Picasso app was the only software that provided free streamable content. 

It’s an Ad-based streaming software that offers a collection of movie galleries, a songs library, 1000 TV channels, live sports, TV shows, series, and others. The prime selling points of this platform are Amazon Prime and Netflix. The reason behind its ban on the Google Play Store is that the OTT platforms, especially Stair India, have complained that this app is stealing content. 

Additionally, the offender council failed to give any evidence on record. That’s why the court ordered the removal and banning of the app’s streaming services all over India. As a result, the Google Play Store removed Picasso over similar copyright claims. Please don’t be anxious; you can download it from our website (picassoapps.org).

Picasso app new website

What is the New Website Of Picasso?

As we know, the Google Play Store platform has eliminated the original streaming Picasso app. Besides, Picasso official website offers direct streaming options, and customer support has also been removed from the Google search engine. Thus, there is no other official website for the Picasso app. However, a few speculations also claim that its creator plans to relaunch their software with a new name and additional streaming information. 

Many developers with fraudulent intentions of stealing users’ private data claim to be running Picasso’s official platform with similar domain names. However, their followers admit they have been on discussion websites, including Reddit and Quora. Hence, the reality is completely different since websites claiming to be the Official Picasso Outlets are unreliable, and neither Google nor the Official Picasso possessors admit them. 

If you and other Picasso lovers still fall into their trap, your private and secret data will be leaked. But if you want to use this application without leaking your online data, you can use our authentic and reliable website.

How do you access Picasso streaming services outside Google?

As we discussed earlier in this article about banning the Picasso streaming app, It’s not available on official platforms. But nowadays, many streamers want to download and install this best streaming application to enjoy TV shows, movies, cartoons, and many other online content. However, the three best approaches to unlocking Picasso services for Android and iPhone devices are below. Let’s explore its:

1. Go with Picasso Alternatives

The foremost verified way of accessing this app is to choose the best alternative for the Picasso app. Hence, many streaming apps available online offer services comparable to Picasso. Three best alternatives for Picasso provide free content to the streamers:

  • Ullu
  • HD Streamz
  • ALT Balaji

The most glittering options for those who can pay money are:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney + Hotstar
  • Netflix

2. Download From Third-Party Websites

The second verified way to access the Picasso app is to download it from third-party websites. Yet, different third-party websites allow streamers to download its revamped editions and provide original and authentic Picasso streams. Moreover, keep in mind not all but some creators offer reliable Picasso versions. Hence, our website (picassoapps.org) is the best one. So, visit this website and hit the authentic download link for Picasso APK for PC Windows and Androids.

3. Use a VPN Service

If the above two methods won’t work, the last thing you can do is to use a VPN service. When the Google Play Store removed the Picasso, it was banned in many regions. Don’t be anxious. This method works for them. However, download it from a trustworthy website if you have not downloaded the tool yet. 

Download a preferable VPN service, open the app, run the VPN in the background, and use a streaming application. Congratulations! Now, you can open your first streaming content and enjoy it without worrying about your account being banned.


To conclude, Picasso APK is the most significant streaming and online sports-watching app on the internet. But there is no official website available on SERP. Besides, the Google Play store also blocked it. How can they download and use this best free streaming app? In addition, the third-party provider gives a corrupted link. You can still download the malware-free Picasso APK from our website. 

We hope you’ll know about Picasso and the reason for its banning with the help of this article. Apart from that, if you want more information about the Picasso app, please tell us in the comment section what you want to know about it. Good luck!


Picasso new website provides content in different languages. Thus, the new website caters to worldwide users and offers subtitles for non-native speakers. Therefore, the website mainly supports English, Hindi, Urdu, and French languages.

After the removal of this streaming app from the Google Play Store due to copyright issues, there is no new website for Picasso, but don’t take tension. You can download Picasso from our authentic website without damaging your wallet.

Picasso app creators use their official platform for various purposes. The main objective is for users to access their web portal for live streams of sports, films, and cartoons. Furthermore, users can also access their web portal to look for tech aid from support.

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