How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on PikaShow

cricket world cup on pikashow

Are you a cricket lover? Are you searching for the best streaming apps that offer live streams of cricket events on different devices? Then you are on the right place, and here you will get the answer to your questions. While there is a list of CWC streaming applications online, PikaShow is the top streaming app to watch the Cricket World Cup 2024. 

Hence, why are you searching for other apps? Select the PikaShow for Cricket and other events live streamings. On the other hand, if you do not have this app on your device, download it from our website. However, we provide 100% secure links to our viewers. Keep reading the article!

Best Streaming App – PikaShow

PikaShow is a popular streaming application that allows you to enjoy hundreds of films, sports, the latest News, TV shows, live cricket, and other content on your phone without paying any subscription charges. Moreover, this Android app provides free paid entertainment videos from almost all IPTV software, such as Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

The standout thing about the PikaShow app is that it is a renowned streaming tool that has recently garnered vast immersion. Besides this, it provides a plethora of content that ranges from TV shows to live channels and matches. Hence, PikaShow offers almost all the upcoming sports events. 

It also engages children by offering informative programs and cartoons. So, this tiny tool is best for all ages individuals. It’s because it has something for users of all ages.

Streaming Attributes Of PikaShow For World Cup 2024 Watchers

PikaShow is a trustworthy app for watching Cricket World Cup streams on smartphones, Apple gadgets, and PC Windows devices.

Yet, watching the Cricket World Cup is not the only reason for using PikaShow; there are many other reasons. Well, it provides a range of various streaming attributes that are not offered by any other tool without any charging.

No Premium Subscription is Needed

It is a free app. Therefore, you can experience premium content free without any restrictions. However, numerous Cricket World Cup Streaming APKs charge costs before letting users use their streaming services. But in PikaShow’s case, the scenario is not the same as the other apps.

Through this app, you can watch cricket World Cup matches freely. Though, from downloading to watching the content, it’s completely free.

 High Quality Content

The second reason you should choose PikaShow for Cricket World Cup Streaming is that it offers high-quality live streaming to a worldwide audience, no matter which gadget you use. Furthermore, no matter whether you are using a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi service, this app offers live matches in HD quality.

 Video Download Options

When you watch a sports stream and want to share this incredible moment with your friends and particular person, PikaShow fulfills your wish. Hence, it offers a video-saving opportunity to save impressive content on your device and share it with others.

 Rewind and Fast forward Option

Have you missed the best cricket moment? Don’t worry; and the PikaShow app offers a rewind option. So, you can see the missing part of the sports video. Furthermore, it also provides a fast forward Option that enables you to fast the video. However, this ideal feature allows you to enjoy live cricket streaming according to your choices and skip the useless moments of the streams during offline entertainment.

 Lightweight Application

It’s a small size application. However, you do not need additional space in your smartphones. Furthermore, this small-sized app will never harm your gadget or files. So, your mobile will not face any issues due to PikaShow.

 Ad Free Streams

The biggest issue in any streaming application is Ads. However, when you watch content on an application that shows many ads, this thing irritates you. So, now you want to choose something else that does not have ads. However, PikaShow is an ads-free tool, and you can watch live cricket streaming sessions without disturbing any advertisements.

Additional Streaming Services of PikaShow

Worldwide streamers can access The additional streaming services of PikaShow without paying money. Hence, here we will discuss the features presented on this platform all over the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2024.

cricket world cup on pikashow

Cricket World Cup Highlights

The admirable attribute of PikaShow is that it offers Live Match highlights, which most other apps do not provide. Thus, during the World Cup, the fans of this app can enjoy short video highlights and entertain the sport at the end of the day.

Cricket World Cup News

The second additional attribute of PikaShow is its separate News and blog portion for cricket lovers. Whereas discovering the news service, the users can explore all the latest updates from players’ articles, sports previews, match grounds, and professionals’ ideas.

World Cup 2024 Point Table

The latest and most fantastic feature of PikaShow APK is that it offers viewers a World Cup point table. Therefore, cricket lovers can visit the app’s official website or point table area to know the up-to-date standing team in the World Cup.

Match-by-Match Schedules

Many users don’t know the Cricket World Cup 2024 will begin in five October and continue till November 17 at diverse playing places in India. Moreover, if you and other cricket lovers want to keep up to date with the Match-by-Match schedules. So you have to bookmark PikaShow and visit its website regularly.

Process To Watch World Cup 2024 Live Streams On PikaShow

Other cricket streaming applications have a complicated interface, making it difficult for beginners to use those apps. But PikaShow comes with an easy-to-use interface. So, you should pick PikaShow for watching the World Cup 2024. Moreover, on practical ground, you can unlock World Cup 2024 live streams on PikaShow with a single tab.

Steps to Watch World Cup 2024 Live Streams

  • Download the PikaShow APK using our website.
  • Provide some essential information to access the App features.
  • Open the app homepage and click on the Cricket section to watch the cricket-related content.
  • After going to the cricket section, you can see details of all the sports.
  • Now, you have to tap on the Match option.
  • You will go to the new page along with the media display.
  • Click on the Media Player, and you will watch the stream after a short ad.


To sum up, PikaShow is a fantastic resource for cricket lovers during the World Cup sessions. It provides HD-quality videos, compatibility with multiple gadgets, and user-friendly navigation. In this article, we have covered the step-by-step process of How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2024 on PikaShow. Best of luck!


It is safe and secure to watch live cricket matches on PikaShow. Therefore, you must download the app from a genuine source, and our website is best for this work. You may face malware issues if you download the app from a fake source.

If you are in search of the best alternative for PikaShow to watch Cricket World Cup 2024. No matter what’s the reason. Here is a list of the best substitutes for PikaShow: Crictime, CricHD, Disney Hotstart, Fox Sports, Alt Balaji, and Willow TV.

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